Responsibility Waiver

We do not offer Insurance on Rentals, we offer Responsibility Waivers.

As a Car Rental Company, we are not allowed to offer "Insurance" as we are not an Authorised or a licensed Financial Service Provider. However, a Waiver functions exactly the same way in principle.

Definition: a Waiver means the Rental Company waives its Right to make a Client pay for all damages

Common Misconceptions about Waivers:

It's important to note that, even though you may not have caused the Collision, you are still responsible for the amount not covered by our Insurance or for the Excess amount.
Furthermore, while our Insurer will attempt to recover your Excess paid, from a Third party if they're to blame, this isn't always possible, particularly if the Third party is not insured.

Also well worth noting is that many Hirers are under the illusion that when signing for Cover for their Rental vehicle, that the Waiver will cover them for anything and everything, including all wrong-doings. Just like most insurances, a Client will never be covered for everything, and all wrong-doings will not be covered by an Insurance company or the Car Rental Company.

How do Responsibility Waivers works?

Responsibility Waivers are used to limit the Claim against a Hirer in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle, provided there was no act of negligence. Therefore a Responsibility Waivers is a Legal, Compulsory Agreements between the Rental Company and the Hirer and generally limits the claim against a Hirer in the event of loss of damage to the vehicle.

Should you be involved in a Collision, you would be responsible for a specific amount as indicated on the Rental agreement (called the Excess amount) One could be expected to pay anywhere between R3 000 and R15 000 Excess amount, should things go awry.

Signing a Waiver still doesn't indemnify you from responsibility in all circumstances.

In the case of gross negligence such as driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or not adhering to traffic, road and driving regulations, etc. the Hirer will be held liable for the full amount of the damages (including Third party) and in the case of a write-off, the full vehicle value.

Responsibility Waivers do not cover loss of, or damage to the VEHICLE in the following circumstances, and YOU will be liable for all such loss or damage:

We offer Full Comprehensive Cover:

Full Comprehensive Cover - also known as fully comprehensive - covers damage to yourself, the Rental vehicle as well as compensating a Third party if you are involved in a Collision.

Full Comprehensive Cover also covers you during Theft/Hijacking of the Rental vehicle.

Which is a better option - Standard or Super (or Reduced) Cover:

The Rental cost of the Super Cover is higher than the Standard Cover option; however the Super (or Reduced) Cover liability amount (that's the amount the Hirer needs to pay in the event of loss/damage to the Rental vehicle) will be lower, relative to the Standard Cover.

Standard Cover Excess = R 6 500 / R 7 000 / R 8 000
Super Cover Excess = R 3 000 / R 3 500 / R 4 000

We do not offer 0% Excess cover.

With Super Cover Waivers one can drive with peace of mind and be assured, that if anything happens during their rental period, then a reduced Excess amount is payable in the event of a Collision, Theft or Hijacking.

Claiming from your personal Insurance Company or from your Credit card Insurance:

If the Rental vehicle gets damaged, during your rental period, you'll have to pay the Rental Company first then claim it back.

In closing, when renting a vehicle, ensure that your Rental agreement includes a Waiver so you are sufficiently covered in the event of a Collision, Theft or Hijacking.

Please also read the fine print on the Rental Agreement to understand all the Terms & Conditions applicable, when hiring our vehicles.

Lastly, please drive our vehicles with the same level of respect and safety that you would drive your own vehicle.

Thank you.