Frequently Asked Questions

The Hirer must hold a valid Credit Card as we need to be able to reserve the Insurance Excess on the card (also known as a Pre-Authorization or Pre-Auth)

The Hirer must also hold a valid Driver's License (in English), be at least 23 years or older, and have had their License for 4 years or longer.
We accept all valid International Drivers Licenses. Foreign visitors should obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) (Our Insurer's requirement). The IDP is not a license and cannot be used independently. It serves to merely authenticate your Driver's License.

The majority of rental agents have a minimum age requirement of 25 to hire car at standard rates. Under 23's can usually hire a car subject to a young driver fee (payable on collection).
We require that you have held your licence for at least 48 months.

Yes indeed. One or more additional drivers can be added to your rental agreement. This provides peace of mind that any party permitted to drive the vehicle, is covered for the relevant liability.
If an unnamed driver has an accident, your cover will be invalid and you will be liable for the Full cost to repair damages (including Third Party damages). All additional drivers must be present with their driver licence.
If the additional driver is below the age of 23, they will also be charged the Younger Driver Fee.
Additional drivers must meet the same terms and conditions as the main driver to be covered under the same rental agreement.

Unfortunately not. All car rental agencies require a valid credit card, in the same name as the rental, with sufficient funds available to cover the excess deposit.

Credit card Pre Authorization (or Pre Auth) is an important and useful practice for Merchants and they ensure a Client pay for the Service they use.

A Pre-Authorization is essentially a temporary Hold placed by a Merchant on a Client's Credit card and reserves funds for a future payment transaction.

This hold typically lasts for about 14 to 21 days.

During the Hold period, the funds are unavailable to the Client - they won't be able to withdraw it or to spend it elsewhere. Although the funds cannot be accessed in their account, no money has been debited in the Pre-Auth, it is simply reserved.

When the time comes to finalize a payment - for example, returning the Rental vehicle - the funds on Hold can then be "captured", meaning they are converted to a charge.

A Pre-Auth is initiated on your Credit card to finalise the rental agreement, before the vehicle is handed over (The Pre-Auth amount is usually the Insurance Excess).

Once the car has been returned, your credit card will be debited with the rental cost.

The remaining Pre-Auth amount being held, will be released back onto the card and can take up to 7 working days (or as stipulated by the Client's Banking Institution) to reflect back on the Credit card.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can pay for the rental cost at the end of your hiring term, with Cash or via Debit card.

The rental excess will differ, pending car type. Typically, the higher the vehicle class, the higher the excess.
We display the rental excess for every available rental on this website. The rental agent will 'pre-authorize' or block the rental excess from your credit card on arrival, so please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the excess and any planned expenditure on your credit card.

A Checklist is a document listing any existing damage to the vehicle at the beginning of the hire period.

Allen's Car Hire will present a Checklist to the Renter when handing over the vehicle.

Once both parties are satisfied that the Checklist is correct, the checklist will be signed by both parties.

In the event of loss or damage to our vehicle, incurred during the Rental period, then the Renter is Liable for payment for all Repairs or replacement needed.

Rentals are based on a 24-hour (1 day) period (e.g. If you take a vehicle from 10AM and return it by 10AM the next day, this will constitute as a one rental day).
Returning the vehicle later than the agreed time, will result in an extra day being charged.
A grace period of 60 minutes is allowed for all late returns.

If you wish to extend the rental beyond the original return date, authorisation must be obtained from Allen's Car Rental prior to the expiry of your rental agreement.

We work on a "Full to Full" policy - the car is supplied with a full tank of fuel and you are required to return the car with a full tank of fuel.

We automatically top up the Fuel tank on return, irrespective of what the fuel gauge reflects.

We only charge the cost of the re-fill and we do not charge a refuelling fee or levy.

Your Final Invoice will reflect the actual fuel amount.

Once you've disembarked your flight and you have exited the luggage retrieval area, a rental agent from Allen's Car Hire will meet you at the arrivals hall of the airport. The agent will be holding a board with your name.

Upon entering the airport, keep to the left and follow the "Drop nGo" signage.
Go around the bends (1 Left & 2 Right bends) while sticking in the far left lane and up the ramp, one level and can stop in front of the departure Terminal, where our Staff will meet you.

They will approach you and provide you with the Rental Invoice and Checklist, which can assist in identifying ourselves.

We strongly recommend that at all times you stick to the rule of the Road.

However, if the Renter does receive Traffic/Speeding/Parking Offences during their rental period, then they are liable for payment for all Fines.

We charge a handling fee of R200 per Traffic Offence, in addition to the Offence amount.

The Full amounts could be deducted from your Credit card or you can process an EFT payment.

No one likes to pay Traffic fines, and that is just a fact, but they need to get sorted, as they are in our Company name.

Any vehicle can break down, even a new one.

If the vehicle does breaks down, the first thing to do is get it out of the way of traffic and for you to be as safe as possible.

Put the hazard lights on and get everyone out of the car and away from the road.

If you believe it's too dangerous to get out of the car, make sure everyone keeps their seatbelts on, put your hazard lights on - and call Allen's Car Rental on our Office number, 021 701 8844 and we will advise further.

The Hirer will be assisted in the following way:

  • Mechanical issues
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Flat Tyre Assistance
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Towing Service

Please note that under most normal circumstances clients will not be charged for Road side assistance unless the Renter is at fault.

Step 1: Get everyone to safety

It's important to get yourself and anyone else out of harm's way as quickly as possible. Move to a safe, nearby location, if possible.

Step 2: Contact the Emergency services

Emergency number for the police: 10111

Number for an ambulance or the fire department: 10177

Step 3: Exchange details with the other party and record how it happened

With everyone safe and the emergency services on their way, the next thing to do is exchange your name and contact details with anyone else affected by the incident. This applies whether you've crashed into another vehicle or someone else's property, and whether or not they were on the scene at the time of the accident.

If there are other people and/or vehicles involved, make sure everyone at least exchanges car registration numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers.

If possible, take photos of the scene and any damage as soon as you can:

Information to be obtained from all involved

  • Full name and contact information
  • Date and time of the accident.
  • Driver's license and license plate number
  • Type, colour and model of vehicle
  • Location of accident
  • Any damage done to any vehicles and property.
  • Any injuries sustained by drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
  • Their Insurance Company details, if applicable.

Step 4: Call the rental company

Please call Allen's (have the Rental Agreement and/or Vehicle Registration handy) and explain the situation.

We will handle recovery, repairs and replacement of the hire car if necessary, and deal with the insurance companies or anyone else involved in the accident.

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